What is the Latest in Artificial Intelligence?

While autonomous cars have been discussed for years, the reality is that these technology may take decades to perfect. While AI is not a new technology, its potential to revolutionize many industries is still far beyond our imagination. As the Internet of Things (IoT) and faster computer processing speeds increase, data collection and AI development has been increasing at a rapid pace. This means that the most recent advances in artificial intelligence can be seen in a wide variety of fields, from manufacturing to customer service.

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Researchers in California have developed a thumb-shaped sensor with a camera for sensing haptic contact. These sensors allow the car to adapt its guidance system based on the behavior of other drivers. This technology is a breakthrough in the field of autonomous vehicles, but it is still far from being fully safe. However, in March 2018, one of Uber’s self-driving cars accidentally hit a pedestrian and killed him. The crash prompted Uber to suspend its autonomous car tests in Arizona. Despite these setbacks, industry players and consumers want confidence in the safety of autonomous vehicles.

While AI is not intended to replace human intelligence, it is fast approaching the point where it could revolutionize many industries. AI software is capable of processing data much faster than a human brain, allowing it to synthesize complex courses of action and present them to human users. These algorithms can also help human users game out the possible consequences of their actions and improve their decision-making processes. It is also critical to understand how AI algorithms will be used to benefit society, the economy, and governance.

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