Twitter Introduces Ticketed Spaces

Twitter has taken their live audio feature Spaces to the next level by adding ticketed Spaces, giving hosts a way to monetize their worddocx content. First introduced last year, this feature allows creators and hosts the ability to sell access to their Spaces in exchange for money.

At present, Ticketed Spaces is only accessible to iOS users in the U.S.; however, Twitter hopes to expand it across more platforms soon.

To get started, open Twitter and tap on the “Monetization” button. On the subsequent screen, check if you qualify for Ticketed hdxwallpaper Spaces; if so, the application will guide you through creating a Ticketed Space.

Once you’ve set the date and time for the Space, you can decide if you want to limit ticket sales or charge a price. Furthermore, decide telesup whether or not to notify attendees via push and in-app notifications when the Space is underway.

Furthermore, you should have a solid idea of how to promote your Ticketed Space and what kind of incentives you’re providing attendees. You can invite people to join a specific Space before they buy tickets, which could help drive happn traffic and boost earnings from this feature.

Another essential benefit of Ticketed Spaces is their potential to monetize audio conversations. You have control over how many tickets roobytalk are purchased and at what price point, making Ticketed Spaces an ideal way to draw in a smaller group of listeners without worrying about having hundreds show up at your event.

Twitter’s new Ticketed Spaces feature is currently in beta testing, and they’re encouraging hosts to apply so they can get a head start on monetizing their audio content. By doing so, hosts can earn up to 97% of earnings from the Ticketed Spaces feature after Apple’s and Google’s in-app purchase fees are deducted.

Twitter recently unveiled their Creator Dashboard, which allows creators to monetize their content through Spaces. This tool allows you to track how well your Super Follows are doing and see how much money is coming in from Ticketed Spaces.


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