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Boston-based iboss, which provides network management and edge-point devices, has raised $145 million from NightDragon and Francisco Partners. The move comes amid the company’s rapid evolution toward a more remote workforce. The company said its new funding will allow it to accelerate its rapid growth and help companies meet the demands of a more remote workforce.

iboss raises $145M

Cloud-native cybersecurity company iBoss has raised $145M in a new funding round. The money will help the company continue its rapid growth and deliver better network security through the cloud. iBoss’ cloud-native platform protects cloud-based applications and remote workers from cyber threats. The company plans to use the new funding to expand its sales and marketing team.

iboss’ open platform is designed to allow customers to choose their preferred malware engines, malware feeds, threat intelligence, and log analytics solutions. It also facilitates collaboration between cybersecurity vendors. Goodwin Procter LLP acted as legal counsel and Momentum Cyber served as exclusive financial advisor.

iboss’ network security platform is built on a cloud-based architecture, enabling organizations to eliminate legacy hardware and software and simplify security management. This enables enterprises to take advantage of the many benefits that the cloud provides, including improved productivity, end-user experience, and business outcomes. In addition to providing a secure connection, the iboss platform also provides infinite scalability. In addition, the platform allows organizations to migrate existing security features to the cloud.

The company currently has about 400 employees around the world and expects to grow to at least 600 in the next year. Its cloud-native architecture means that iboss can monitor all internet traffic, including mobile and desktop users. Moreover, iboss can detect and prevent data loss.

SASE becomes increasingly competitive

SASE solutions provide a cloud-native security architecture that acts as a virtual firewall for your edge network. These solutions also provide web application protection, API protection, zero-trust network access, and DNS and network obfuscation services. They can be delivered through vendor data centers or through third-party PoPs. In addition, SASE solutions can protect network traffic by acting on data packets instead of passing them between virtual machines mytoptweets.

By combining multiple services into a single service, SASE reduces costs and complexity. It also minimizes the number of agents on end-user devices. Security personnel can focus on setting security policies across the network rather than on installing hardware. In addition, SASE can help enterprises reduce IT expenses by reducing the number of components required.

SASE is becoming more popular as enterprises realize its benefits. The technology promises to meet the dynamic needs of modern digital enterprises. Gartner predicts that at least 40% of enterprises will have an explicit strategy to adopt SASE by 2024. Although SASE is not a single technology, it provides enterprises with the capability to integrate security and networking functions into a flexible architecture for secure access anywhere.

SASE isn’t a panacea for network and security problems, but it can help enterprises respond more quickly to crises and prevent them from spreading. SASE can also help enterprises leverage new technologies to enhance their productivity and increase their overall security. A combination of these two strategies can result in greater productivity, lower costs, and better security xfire

A SASE solution should provide a CISO with direct control over sensitive data without interfering with employee flexibility. Leading SASE solutions also incorporate modern security technologies, including next-generation firewalls, secure web gateways, zero-trust network access tools, and a suite of software configuration management tools economictimes.

SASE enables businesses to streamline network access, improve security, and boost network performance while reducing the number of devices and vendors. SASE also allows users to scale up and down easily, and bills them based on usage. These services are ideal for companies with distributed or hybrid workforces. They help protect data on their networks by eliminating a single point of failure.

As SASE becomes increasingly popular, more enterprises are jumping on the bandwagon. Most leading networking vendors have joined the bandwagon, including Cisco, Check Point Software, Cloudflare, Juniper Networks, and Palo Alto Networks. A few startups are also making waves in the SASE space. Netskope, for example, has recently raised more than $300 million in funding and has a $7.5 billion valuation.

Organizations are looking to modernize their networking architecture and eliminate reliance on traditional security architecture. They also require secure access to applications and datacenters to support a modern workforce. However, outdated approaches cannot keep pace with the new requirements. Furthermore, budget pressures are forcing organizations to simplify IT security. SASE can provide this solution while simplifying an increasingly complex set of networking products.

iboss faces increasing competition

iboss faces growing competition for its secure Web gateway software and service. Websense, a leader in the industry, is a strong competitor. Companies like Cisco, Barracuda Networks, McAfee, Symantec, and others are also vying for market share.

The growing use of mobile devices in the workplace has pushed companies to extend their Web security beyond the four walls of the company headquarters. Some competitors, including iboss, offer cloud security for mobile devices. In addition, iboss has rolled out new features such as usage restrictions for mobile devices. For example, in healthcare, the company can disable smartphone cameras when doctors visit a patient.

Another innovation in the iboss cloud platform is the ability to connect users to any private resource. This feature eliminates the need to connect to multiple private networks to access resources. Previously, users had to connect to multiple VPNs to access private resources. Using iboss private access service, a single connection to the cloud platform gives users secure access to all resources hosted at multiple offices.

iboss has also announced that it has received two awards from the American Best in Business Awards in the category of Cloud/SaaS Applications. The company was also recognized for its Zero Trust Edge security platform in the Network Security Solution category. The company’s Zero Trust Edge security platform was awarded a Gold award in both categories.

Despite the increasing competition in the industry, the company is still gaining market share. iboss is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in the world. With the growing use of cloud technologies, businesses are finding it easier than ever to protect their data. The company has over 4,000 clients globally and is poised for rapid growth.

Increasing competition is a natural part of the cloud computing business. It’s important to ensure that your business is properly prepared to handle this competition. Iboss provides its customers with a highly customizable cloud platform that allows users to easily connect to private resources no matter where they are located.

The iboss cloud platform also offers increased security and compliance, which helps organizations mitigate risks from data loss and malware. In addition, iboss offers infinite scaling, which means that it can handle any volume of remote traffic. This allows the company to offer greater flexibility for users and businesses. It also increases productivity, as users are free to move between locations. With more users connecting to the cloud, iboss’s platform is increasingly powerful and scalable.

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