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Nayya, an AI startup powered by natural language processing and AI, has just raised $11M in a series A round of funding. The company says it has over 120 million claims stories and 3 billion consumer data points to draw from. It is only available in English and currently operates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Nayya raises $11M in series A round of funding

Nayya, a leading insurance benefits management platform, has raised $11M in series A funding. This new funding will allow the company to expand its product and attract new talent. The funds will also be used for product research and development. Felicis Ventures led the investment, with support from existing early investors, including Guardian Life, the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States. Other investors include Unum Business Ventures, a Fortune 500 company that covers 39 million Americans.

Nayya’s product leverages billions of consumer data points from across the healthcare and insurance industries to recommend the best benefits for an individual’s needs. To achieve this, the company partners with major carriers and benefits administrators, including Selerix, to provide a single, consolidated source of consumer data. It also has alliances with 10 of the largest brokerage firms in the country and Acrisure’s leading voluntary benefits division. These partnerships enable Nayya to reach millions of consumers.

The new funding comes at a time when the Zika virus has made voluntary benefits more attractive to employees. This has led to a spike in health savings account (HSA) participation – over 80% of employees are now enrolled in them and the average contribution is more than $1,400. In addition to General Catalyst, other investors in the round included Social Leverage, Guardian Life, and Cameron Ventures. This means that the total funding raised by Nayya is now $14 million.

It is powered by AI and natural language processing

Nayya’s AI-powered chatbot platform is a powerful new tool that enables businesses to automate customer service operations. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand customer queries in real-time. With this technology, businesses can offer better customer service while saving money on labour costs.

A key cornerstone of modern AI, Natural Language Processing has been instrumental in building chatbots, speech recognition, and sentiment analysis applications. By analyzing user preferences, Natural Language Processing can help AI applications understand what they are trying to say. Inventor Jason Flaks helped develop conversational technology that is at the core of Microsoft’s Hololens and Kinect.

While most new AI companies start out focusing on a specific task, many of the best companies are building applications that tackle a broad range of challenges. For example, some startups are using AI to help detect cancer. Others have partnered with medical institutions to develop therapeutic drugs that respond to a patient’s symptoms.

It is only available in English

Nayya AI is an AI-powered customer service platform that automates customer support operations. It is currently in beta and plans to launch a full version later this year. It is similar to startups such as Helpr, which utilizes chatbots for customer support.

Nayya AI Has Raised a Series A Round of Funding

AI startup Nayya has raised a series A round of funding. Its customer service platform is powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing. It currently provides customer support for English-speaking customers, but plans to expand to other languages in the future. The company has raised over $11m to date.

Nayya’s customer service platform is powered by AI and natural language processing

Nayya’s customer service platform uses AI and natural language processing to automate customer service operations. It provides businesses with a virtual agent that understands customer queries in real time and learns from interactions. This technology enables businesses to scale their customer support operations without hiring additional agents.

NLP is a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses. Its capability to analyze massive data sets in seconds saves time and money. Previously, manual data analysis could take days and even cost thousands of dollars. Using the right technology and data can help businesses automate customer service and make their business more efficient.

AI and natural language processing enable a company to understand the sentiment of employees across multiple channels. Nayya leverages data from over three billion external consumer data points and more than six thousand networks to make personalized recommendations. It can also track a customer’s sentiment across all touchpoints and give immediate insight. It also enables companies to automate time-consuming tasks such as compliance management.

Its platform is only available in English

Although the Nayya AI platform is currently only available in English, the company is working to add more languages in the future. This means that users in some countries are unable to use the platform on their mobile devices. However, despite its limitations, Nayya is an excellent solution for businesses that want to automate customer service. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to understand customer queries and respond in real time.

Nayya AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that automates customer support operations through chatbots. It is still in the beta stage but plans to launch its commercial platform later this year. It has raised $11 million in seed funding from Felicis Ventures and Wiggers VentureBeat, and the team behind it is strong.

It competes with wiggers venturebeat

Nayya is a startup that uses AI to collect data about employees and their lifestyles, and then uses that data to build an AI platform that can help customers make better decisions. The startup has raised 11 million dollars and is aiming to use that data to save common people in the United States a lot of money.

Nayya’s AI-powered customer service platform is an interesting technology that could revolutionize the customer service industry . The startup is still developing the software but plans to launch a beta version later this year. Companies like Helper and KAI offer similar platforms for automated customer support.

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