Extramovies offers free movie downloads and streaming services

The Downside of Extramovies

If you are looking for pirated movies, then Extramovies is the website for you. It’s a public torrent website where users can upload pirated versions of movies. The site offers pirated versions in multiple languages, and the most recent releases are posted in high definition. Although this website is illegal, it’s worth checking out because it offers free movie downloads and streaming services. But before you sign up for Extramovies, be sure to check out some of its downsides.

First of all, you can’t download the Extramovies Android app through Google Play Store. This is because Google doesn’t support content protected by intellectual property laws. To download the app, you have to go to the Extramovies website. Secondly, the owner of the site makes money from advertisements, so you will be bombarded with ads. This may be annoying, but the site’s content is well worth the effort. It has been able to build a large library over the years, and users have rated the quality and ease of downloading.

Next, you should know the size of your download. If you want to save space, you can download 300mb movies. For movies in Hindi, choose 400MB size. The larger files will take longer to download. In addition, you need to make sure that the movies are not too large, as they’ll take up more space. If you’re worried about downloading a large file, choose 300MB instead. If you’re on a tight budget, you can download movies in Hindi dubbed audio.

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